Da Vinci as an Inventor

In a particular moment in the Manila art scene when nearly everyone suddenly went extra crazy over the works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, another genius of the humanities worthy of the same attention was celebrated. Renaissance artist Leonard Da Vinci died 500 years ago in France. To mark the death anniversary of the … Continue reading Da Vinci as an Inventor

Cats, Now and Forever

During the intermission of the Manila production of Cats, I overheard a couple arguing about the plot of the show. They had to check their souvenir programme a couple of times and read the synopsis just to see if they are missing anything. Such confusion is not new, especially for neophytes. Cats is often referred … Continue reading Cats, Now and Forever

A Night on Fleet Street: #SweeneyToddMNL Review

Bootleg photos of the Manila production of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street across the internet rendered me disconcerted over the classic Stephen Sondheim musical I know. Instead of coaches and British buildings, I saw broken vehicles in what seems to be a dilapidated establishment. For a moment I thought I will not … Continue reading A Night on Fleet Street: #SweeneyToddMNL Review